Blonde, Blue-Eyed and Handsome

Blonde, Blue-Eyed and Handsome


by Steven J. Hann

July 2010
Stapled , 24 Pages

$5.00 USA

Steve's first chapbook in thirty years!

Steve's association with Fractious goes back to the days a certain video/music store was open down the street from his book table in Morningside Heights, NYC. He combed the used CDs daily, and we at Fractious got to read his largely illegible notebooks. Then he got a computer, and we were able to read the type a lot more clearly.

With illustrations by Anna Grainer!

Hot pink cardstock cover; green band; and orange, yellow, or blue (depends on which run you have) interior pages.


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Steven J. Hann is a poet and lyricist. An ex-Circus and Circus Raves columnist, he was an active musician in New York City from 1972 to 1982. He is currently a Morningside Heights–area book purveyor and general curmudgeon. For more information, please see his blog: He can be reached at encylone [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Anna Grainer is an illustrator from Texas. More of her work can be viewed at