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Fractious Press is a community publisher founded in the Bronx and Washington Heights in 2005. We strive to collapse the categories of author, publisher, and audience through nontraditional exchanges of resources and the recognition that some of the best stories emerge when one isn’t intending to create them. To us, the divide between fiction and nonfiction is blurry, and the author is rarely absent from our production process. We favor recycled materials. We’d go back to the barter system if we could, but because we can’t pay rent in books, we pool our skills to present you with the best read we can. Since our first release, which the Village Voice featured in its Best of New York 2005, we have published prose, poetry, and comics in books, zines, pamphlets, auditory flavor packets, secret codes, and more and have occasionally co-hosted fairs in Upper Manhattan. Foreword magazine called our press “innovative . . . a kind of counterculture collaborative.”

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