Echo Detained

Echo Detained

by Joshua Daniel Cochran

ISBN: 978-0-9764203-3-0
Vintage ISBN: 0-9764203-3-3
October 2007
Paperback , 216 Pages

$9.00 USA

“In times like these, it is difficult not to write satire.”
— Juvenal

Snatched off the street after another boring day at his copy shop job, Caleb Nell is whisked into the bowels of a secret, corporate-run prison. Caleb tries to make sense of his situation while he is fed delicious meals, endures physical and psychological humiliations, and is constantly threatened with visits to the Machine Room. Through his interactions with a strange array of guards and doctors, and the writings of an off-kilter and very dead philosopher, Caleb soon comes to terms with the confounding temporality of existence.

Echo Detained is an allegorical satire inspired by the absurd practices employed in the "War on Terror." Cochran’s novel takes its cue from Kafka’s The Trial and Nabokov’s Invitation to a Beheading, before evolving into a ludicrous world resonant of Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove.




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Joshua Daniel Cochran has worked as a landscaper, wildland firefighter, carpenter, welder, EMT, biological technician, elementary school teacher, copy shop manager, and college instructor. Echo Detained is his first novel.