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Mountain Landis Record Label: http://www.mountainlandis.com/
The Shot Heard 'Round the World: http://www.prayfortheprairie.com/
Scientific Forestry: http://scientificforestry.com/
WHFR: http://www.whfr.org/

Yo Doo

  • Yo Doo Mart + Faire

    Yo Doo Mart + Faire

    Saturday, February 7, 2009, 7:00 AM – 2:00 PM

    Cake Shop
    152 Ludlow Street
    New York, NY

    Fractious Press will be at the Yo Doo Mart + Faire at Cake Shop. We’ll be selling stuff from the FP catalog as well as stuff from Mtn. Landis and Multitudes. Admission is free, so check it out.